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Why to choose Data Recovery Center?

Comnet Data Recovery Center is the leading Data Recovery solution provider of central India. We offer logical and physical Data Recovery services for all storage laptop and desktop hard disk drives, external drives, pen drives and Camera cards, Operating system, server data recovery.


Data Recovery

Data recovery in Indore means Com-net Solutions, Indore. Com-net solutions recovering data from Microsoft Window 3.1 to all latest version of windows family as well as Linux, Suse, . We also recover your important and valuable data from Home versions to Server versions. It doesn't matter whether it is FAT or NTFS file system, Logical problem ( windows not booting system ), crashed window, blue screen, missing partition, formatted, virus problem, accidentally deleted or your disk is making any noise or system restarts any time.


Password Recovery

Tally is well known name in india, where many small or large scale enterprises uses this accounting software. It is one of the best accounting software available in the market, Its feature are very usefull to safe your account from unauthorized access, but what happend when you lost / forgot the password or your accountant left the job and changed its password. Don't worry Com-net solutions provide the services to remove tally password from all version's of tally.


Operating System Recovery

Desktop Drives Problems can be logical like knocking, drive no detection, PCB burned, Disk dropped, password Locked, HDD drive making noise or It can be a Physical problems when there is No detection, PCB burned, knocking, Bad Sectos, Wrong Capacity, Noise, Fire Flood affected. We can recover data from nearly all the problems some of them are.


All Device Data Recovery

We can recover data from nearly all the devices for all kind of problems some of them are- Hard Disk Data Recovery, Memory Card Recovery, Blue Screen Problem, Missing Partition Recovery, Formatted Drive Recovery, No Detection Of Drive, Logical Data Problem, Physical Data Problem, Androi Data Recovery

Who are we supporting with Data Recovery Service ? Will it help me?

Comnet Data Recovery is an enterprise grade data recovery service providers and we provide managed solution for Advertising Agencies, Media Houses and ( large medium and small ) Graphic Designing and Videoo editing and Printing Units.

Whom we serve?

It is a smart clientele management system specially designed for the companies ( large medium and small ) engaged in designing, advertisement projects, and the design studios. This app can be also applied to off track businesses like Fashion studios as well. Ideal for creative teams & production houses look for a Centralized Workflow for Delivery Process Control, Real time Updates, Effective and Organized collection of Client Design Assets, Synchronized Communications and effective history of files, tasks, deliverables, activity tracking, work orders, time sheets and billing.

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Design Studios
Creative Agencies
Large Advertisement Projects
Multimedia Studios
IT Teams & Software Companies
End Customers

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Best Data Recovery Services Why we are market leaders in Data Recovery Services?

Core benefits and values from Data Recovery Center

Transparency & Control

We provide transparent and controlled Data Recovery Services. We deliver the services work flow through team collaboration, real time updates wuth complete control over the process by your timely approvals on tasks, data assets, files which are being recovered.

Time Saving & Data Privacy

We have best expertize to solve your data recovery problems. We store the devices in safe environment with easy storing, archiving & restoration of files. It eliminates the error of accidental loss of data privacy. We provide status updates through Phone, SMS ,E-mail.

Flexibility & Cost effectiveness

We dont charge for consultation and provide conveneient service with flexibility to choose Data to be recovered. It ensures the lower cost of recovery as you are charged for the recovered data only.


Rajat Sharma

Video Production Services

``What I like most about Data Recovery Center is-It saves time, error free data recovery and I can choose the data to recover with 99.99% accuracy with no errors and data loss during the process``


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